This year's program is currently underway!

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This year's program is currently underway!

If you are interested in receiving information about the next Innovation Engine Accelerator, type your email below:


2013 Accelerator Program

Tuesday, May 28

Entrepreneurship – The Lean Startup Approach

Wednesday, May 29

Business Model Canvas Presentations – Round One

Tuesday, June 4

The Value Proposition

Wednesday, June 5

Customer Discovery

Tuesday, June 11

Market Research

Wednesday, June 12

Channel Strategies

Tuesday, June 18

Revenue Models

Wednesday, June 19

Resources and Costs

Tuesday, June 25

Strategic Partners

Wednesday, June 26

Business Model Canvas Presentations – Round two

Tuesday, July 2

Financial Modeling

Wednesday, July 3

Finding and Negotiating with Investors


Our Companies


Founders: Lillie Ranney, Joe Pollard

Foleeo is an online portfolio management service where business professionals, companies and organizations can upload their work experience, skills, talents, and expertise in order to exhibit the best possible professional version of them self. Foleeo is the fastest growing source for professionals to showcase their talents and is a platform where consumers can post, review, update and broadcast their individual talents to communities that can purchase their services. Foleeo allows the user to prove their credentials, rather than list them. It’s an interactive site for consumers to network, showcase and exemplify their potential to a large range of industries.

Foleeo brings value to the consumer when it comes to privacy and having a user friendly platform that enhances the ability of the user to market themselves in a productive way. Unlike most job recruiting/seeking sites, Foleeo has honed in on the idea that it is important to have a site where the user can both actively and passively market their work experience and potential.

Our company understands the economic state our world is in when it comes to job availability, that’s why we have perfected the way we allow the user to both seek for jobs and recruit for them.

Lillie Ranney

Joe Pollard

Razor Dynamics

Founders: Christian "Rico" Sagardia, Gary Grant, Isaac Smith

Razor Dynamics is a software startup focusing on mobile applications for the Android and iOS platforms. Their current project seeks to compete with apps like Apple’s Find my Friends and Glympse, which provide the user with the ability to track their friends in real time. Unlike these competitors, Razor Dynamics is employing augmented reality technology, a technique for enhancing the world around the user with computer graphics, as well as sensor fusion, to provide a more powerful and user friendly interface, with an unparalleled level of accuracy.

Co-founder Christian “Rico” Sagardia is originally from Fort Lauderdale, Florida and is currently pursuing his master’s degree in electrical engineering at Ohio University. Gary Grant, co-founder, is from Nelsonville, Ohio and studies computer science and philosophy at Ohio University. After the program this summer, Rico and Gary have the confidence their work can complement existing platforms such as Google Glass. Additionally, they hope to explore strategic partnerships for integrating their technology into larger, existing platforms, as well exploring potential military interest.

Atlas Language Innovations

Founders: Samuel Bockoven, Sergio "Tony" Gonzalez

Atlas Language Innovations, LLC is an independent game development company focused on creating a unique language learning experience for the visual learner. Atlas is moving towards a new frontier of language learning by offering downloadable language-focused video games on a variety of platforms. With a quick download, you will be taking the first step into the world of a new language through the puzzles, challenges, and ability to explore that through the medium of a video game. Atlas aims to give students and educators a new inexpensive and interactive tool to expand their foreign language lessons.

In development for an August 2013 release for PC and Mac is Atlas’ flagship game, Voyage. Voyage will set the player on an island as a shipwrecked sailor after a monstrous storm. On the island, only Arabic is spoken. The player must explore the island and complete challenges and puzzles in Arabic to find the pieces to rebuild his ship to sail back home.

Samuel Bockoven and Sergio “Tony” Gonzalez, the co-founders, originally from Dayton, Ohio, attend Ohio University. Sam graduated in 2013 with a degree in linguistics and anthropology and will begin work toward a master’s of linguistics this fall. Tony is an undergraduate computer sciences major.


Founders: Brian Adams, Chelsea Browne

MyCampus is a social mobile marketplace that gives college students the ability to buy and sell items, such as tickets, textbooks and furniture, to other students right from their mobile phones. MyCampus includes in-app messaging and a mobile payment system to optimize efficiency and safety. Users also can be alerted via push notification when an item they are seeking is posted for sale by another user. With MyCampus, it’s as simple as Snap (snap a photo of the item that you’re selling), Share (share the item to the Campus Marketplace and your social networks), and Sell.

Co-founders Brian Adams of Westerville, Ohio and Chelsea Browne of Marietta, Ohio both attend Ohio University. Brian is working towards a bachelor’s degree in creative entrepreneurship and business development and Chelsea is majoring in marketing. During the program, Brian expressed his desire to make connections that will move his product to the next stage. “I hope to expand my network and meet individuals that have experience in tech startups and learn from mentors that know the industry,” he said.


Founders: Sam Pattantyus, Daniel Williams

People who aren’t experienced event planners, but still have to plan events, have difficulty knowing where to start, what needs to be done, and when to do it. Anyvent is a software as a service that guides users through the details of the event planning process, providing peace of mind.

Sam Pattantyus and Daniel Williams are the founders of Anyvent. Sam is from Cleveland, Ohio and studies accounting and management information systems in the College of Business at Ohio University. She also works with other Innovations Center startups. Daniel hails from Bellbrook, Ohio and studies environmental and plant biology, chemistry and computer science. He is also earning a certificate in bioinformatics.

Sam and Daniel expressed their excitement for the individual strides they will take this summer, as well as the progress their company will experience.

AccessAble Travel

Founders: Ben Weiner, Frances Weiner, Alex Bill, Ryan Cox

AccessAble, LLC is a travel and lifestyle website, catering to people with physical disabilities. When visiting, users will find an interactive and informative website that provides ratings, reviews, and guides of popular destinations and recommended locales. These places may include restaurants, parks, airports, museums, etc. In addition, the site provides a social environment containing blogs and forums updated by fellow travelers. Our mission is to give users an easier and more enjoyable experience while on our site and throughout their travels.

Ben Weiner, Frances Weiner, and Alex Bill are the founders of AccessAble Travel. Ben and Frances are siblings from Morgantown, West Virginia. Ben graduated in 2013 from Ohio University’s Russ College of Engineering and Technology with a master’s degree in mechanical engineering. Frances also graduated from Ohio University in 2013 with a degree in psychology. Alex is originally from Chagrin Falls, Ohio and is currently dual majoring in psychology and sociology-criminology at Ohio University. Ben explained that he is most looking forward to gaining real-world experience and learning the business aspect of developing their company during the program. Together, Alex, Ben and Frances hope to open accessibility to major U.S. cities for those with special needs, eventually expanding internationally. Ryan Cox is from Morgantown, West Virginia and a recent graduate of West Virginia University with a BA in Interdisciplinary Studies, focusing on Sociology, Geography, Leadership and Communication Studies.